Welcome to the department of Crop Production Technology

The department of Crop Production Technology offers the following programmes;

HND Crop Production Technology

ND Agricultural Technology

Certificate in Agricultural Technology

HND Crop Production Technology (CPT) Curricullum

HND CPT First Semester

1.CPT 311Crop Production2
2.CPT 312Crop Physiology3
3.CPT 313Agric-Climatology2
4.CPT 314Cropping System2
5.CPT 315Agricultural Entomology3
6.CPT 316Penology and Soil Survey3
7.CPT 317Crop Farm Practice 12
8.CPT 318Agricultural Biochemistry2
9.GNS 301User of English2
10.EED 417Entrepreneurship Development2

HND CPT Second Semester

1.AGR 302Field Experiment & Data Analysis3
2.AGR 303Farm Management2
3.CPT 321Principle of genetics1
4.CPT 322Plant Pathology2
5.CPT 323Crop Production II3
6.CPT 324Crop Farm Production II2
7.AEM 314Extension Method3
8.GNS 302English Land & Communication3

HND CPT Third Semester

1.AET 413Irrigation Technology3
2.CPT 431Crop Production III3
3.CPT 432Weed Management3
4.CPT 433Plant Breeding2
5.CPT 434Horticulture2
6.CPT 435Crop Farm Practice II3
7.CPT 436Crop Farm Mechanization3
8.AGR 401Research Method2

HND CPT Fourth Semester

1.CPT 441Produce/Post Harvest Management3
2.CPT 442Ornamental Horticulture/ Landscape Design2
3.CPT 443Pasture Agronomy2
4.CPT 444Seed Production & Pathology2
5.CPT 445Soil Production & Crop Nutrition3
6.AES 432Drainage Tech.2
7.AGR 402Agric. Personal Management2
8.AEM 446Rural Sociology2
9.COM 311Computer Programming2
10.CPT 446Seminar1
11CPT 447Project6

ND Agriculture Technology (AGT) Curricullum

ND AGT First Semester

1.AGT 114Principle of Animal production4
2.AGT 101Introduction to Agriculture & Bio- Environmental Engineering4
3.AGT 101Introduction to form Woodland Management4
4.GNS 102Communication education I2
5.GNS 111Citizenship education I2
6.AGT 111Principle of crop production4
7.AGT 112Element of Agricultural Economics2
8.COM 001Computer Application I3
9.AGT 115Introduction Agricultural Marketing2
10.AGT 113Introduction to Soil science4
11.BCH 111General and Physical Chemistry1
12.STB 111Cell Biology1
13.MTH 111Logic and Liner Algebra1
14.BPH 111Mechanics Energy and Heat1

ND AGT Second Semester

1.AGT 129Industrial crop production I4
2.AGT 121Annual crops3
3.AGT 122Crop protection3
4.AGT 123Sheep, Goat and Swine Production3
5.AGT 124Principle of Bee Keeping3
6.AGT 126Micro- Livestock Production4
7.AGT 127Principle of irrigation and Drainage3
8.COM 002Computer Application3
9.GNS 202Communication of English II2
10.AGT 128Post-Harvest Tech. and Biology4
11.STB 121Plant and Animal Taxonomy1
12.STB 126Introduction to Entrepreneurship2

ND AGT Third Semester

1.MEC 112Basic Workshop Practice4
2.AGT 211Pasture and Forage Practice4
3.AGT 212Agro-Climatology4
4.BAM 116Practice of Entrepreneurship3
5.AGT 124Industrial Crop Production II4
6.AGT 215Soil fertility and Crop Nutrition4
7.AGT 216Farm Soil Management5
8.AGT 231Statistics and Field Experiment2

ND AGT Fouth Semester

1.AGT 222Poultry Production4
2.AGT 223Farm Power and Mechanization4
3.AGT 224Genetics and Breeding2
4.AGT 225Beef and Dairy Production4
5.AGT 226Horticultural crop Production4
6.AGT 227Basic Fisheries Technology3
7.AGT 228Introduction to Animal Health3
8.AGT 229Farm Management2
9.AGT 230Agric. Extension & Rural Sociology3
10.AGT 232Project2

Certificate Agricultural Technology Curricullum

CERT. AGT First Semester

1.GNS 011(Use of English) Communication Skills2
2.CAG 011Irrigation Technology3
3.CAG 012Introduction to Soil Science3
4.MTH 011Basic Mathematics2
5.CAG 014Crop Production2
6.CAG 014Farm Practice I2
7.CAG 015Introduction to Fisheries2
8.CAG 016Biology2
9.CAG 017Extension and Rural Sociology2
10TSL 011Basic Land Survey2
11.CAG 018Introduction to Forestry2

CERT. AGT Second Semester

1.CAG 021Crop Protection2
2.CAG 022Introduction Horticulture3
3.CAG 023Introduction to Animal Husbandry3
4.CAG 024Farm Mechanization2
5.CAG 025Plant Nutrition2
6.CAG 026Farm Management3
7.CAG 027Farm Practice 112
8.STA 011Basic statistics2
9.EED 011Basic Entrepreneurship2
10.CAG 028Post-Harvest technology2
11GNS 020Communication in English2