Office of the Director Medical Services

Name of CMD

Chief Medical Director

The college has a clinic that opens daily for 24 hours and the unit is headed by the Medical Director who is also a member of the Management Committee.

Medical Services

  1. Student who is sick during sessions should report at the College Sick Bay (Clinic) for treatment or advice.
  2. Only drugs considered being “essential drugs” are normally available at the stick Bay (Clinic).
  3. In case of emergency, Medical Officer or Staff Nurse on call should be contacted immediately.
  4. Family Life Health Education (FLHE) on HIV/AIDS Counseling and testing is available.

Conduct with Medical Clinic Premises

  1. Every client must join queue in an orderly manner.
  2. No playing music, recitation, or making noise.
  3. No making telephone calls or answering while consulting medical personnel.
  4. Do not attempt to consult medical personnel on behalf of a colleague or relative.